GESTALT (Emotional Accompaniment)


What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt is a branch of the humanist psychotherapy that centres in the awareness and focuses on the present. It does not focus on helping to solve a particular disorder or trauma, but in trying to know oneself and thus achieve more authenticity. This is why it can be considered a personal growth technique rather than a therapy.

The goal is to accompany the client in their process to achieve a higher authenticity, bringing incomplete events of the past to the present, becoming aware of where we focus our attention. Memory is not self-evident, on the contrary, it is a process where we remember isolated facts and what happens between those facts is a reconstruction. Sensations are etched in us though, and if we bring them to the present we can work on them in them as if they were happening at the present moment. What happened happened, we cannot change that, but we can work on what is still alive in us, with those incomplete gestalts that ask over and over to be completed by searching situations in the present that can help us heal, thus releasing that which had remained hidden and which needed to be heard and seen.


This allows us to make the most of the tools that we have in the present moment, to detect our real needs, and by looking after ourselves, to take responsibility of our present and the empowerment this involves.
Another thing to consider is the three centres: emotional, mental, and instinctive. We all those centres but at some point of our evolution, due to our experiences, the loose balance and one of them takes more space than the others. This implies an unbalance between what I think, what I feel and what I do. In Gestalt we search for a balance that brings about coherence in the way we move around.

As noted earlier, it has not been conceived to treat specific disorders, or when there is a treatment going on. And it does not have an specific goal, although the motivation to ask for this service is usually a particular occurrence, such as a mourning, a break-up, etc.; crisis usually bring about a need for change in our life, in our reactions, or in the decisions we make. Gestalt can help us change our way of moving around life in general, and therefore change the way we face the different situations we encounter, with more honesty and in accordance with who we really are, the main goal being to achieve more freedom.


No, it can also be for couples or groups. Gestalt works very much relationally, and therefore, whether it is one person or more than one, relations are an important part of the session. This can help notice how social networks are established outside of the session and work on them.

In the last few years, due to the isolating situation we have found ourselves in, we have realized that it is not only possible, but it has also been a very much needed and nutritious tool for those people who have found themselves without any other support. Even though, in-person work has a strength and specific qualities which are lost online, we can say with confidence that online accompaniment is effective and can help and nourish the client.


In Conectando con tu Latir we firmly believe that our client needs to feel empowered, be the leaders of their own process, as they all have everything they need, the only thing that they require is to bring it to consciousness; what we already have cannot be given to us.