Animal Communication: The Hawk



“In many traditions, hawks are sacred: Apollo's messengers for the Greeks, sun symbols for the ancient Egyptians and, in the case of the Lakota Sioux, embodiments of clear vision, speed and single-minded dedication”  ~ John Burnside

I couldn’t find this drawing for a long time. It was part of a Project that someone asked me to do as a present for somebody else. Halfway through the Project things got complicated between them, the drawing funnily enough disappeared and I couldn’t finish the project. A year and half later the drawing has appeared. I cannot interpret why, but the truth is that the drawing has stayed with me in the end.

The hawk was very present in my life for a long time; I remember being fascinated whenever I saw him hovering in the air and suddenly plummets to hunt its prey. In fact, they are so fast that it can reach up to 300km/h speed and has some membranes in their eyes that protect them so that they can still see with precision even at top speed.

Vision and speed. We measure time by the watch, but the truth is that time is flexible. There are moments where it seems that everything slows down, and others where it accelerates. To keep a clear vision in both situations is key. For me the fact that I’m keeping this drawing in the end and I share it in our project means that we need the hawk vision at this moment. Or that the hawk wanted to appear in it now for some reason or in my life in particular.

I hear the spirit of the hawk say: “I’m the hawk and I fly at high speed to see my goal. But that does not mean that inside it is so fast. I need to fly at two paces, one inside and another outside in order to be so accurate. You only see my speed because you only see outside appearance, but inside there is slowness and calm and that allows the external speed. Take care of yourself keeping that internal calm which will allow you to stay still even when you’re travelling fast and thus see your path with greater clarity”

By observing the animal we can understand a lot about their medicine, but there are nuances, lots of them, that go unnoticed and that we can find out by communicating with them, and that is a blessing. Everything around us has information if we stop to listen, and our filter is never completely empty; when the information goes through us it always takes something from our unique vision, which gives it a different quality and is a part of what we bring to the world, because abundance also means what we give, not only what we receive, as it means we have plenty already. Our unique vision with our experiences, and that is why to deny it is to refuse to offer that of Life and what Life offers us. In order to walk with that clarity, as the Hawk tells us, it is important to slow down our internal pace, to cultivate silence, so that when everything around us accelerates, or we need to be unerring, we can watch things at another pace, a calmer inner rhythm.

I’m grateful for the haw message at this moment, even if it started a long time ago, when I was asked to draw it, and I’m sure it will continue for longer. And it will be so for you who are reading this, this message arrived at your Life for a reason, you can also carry both rythms in you. 

In Conectando con tu Latir,  we have created a section of free resources that can help you connect to or enhance your inner calm. Also, we can help you communicate with your animal or find your power animal. We will be more than please to accompany you in this fascinating journey.


 "Until you have loved an animal,

a part of your soul will remain asleep"

                         ~Anatole France