About Us


We introduce you to the family that forms Conectando con tu Latir. We have all created this project with a lot of love.

In the picture at the top of the page, on the top line you can see us in one of our Power Animal workshops that we offered in Tarragona, Maya, the white cat and Momo, the grey cat, share their life with Estela. On the bottom line, Estela and her wonderful dog Maui, and at the end Cano (black) and Tsuki (Siamese) Eva’s siblings and life companions.

We greet you and welcome you to this space of connection with your Heart. All the tools you will find here will help and stay with you all throughout your journey.

“Your Heart is free,

have the courage to follow it”


My name is Estela Baró. From an early age I felt an special connection with nature and I would often spend my time looking inwards, as if I there was a veil between the reality there was outside and the one inside.

My interests are so varied that my studies, mainly centred in humanistic areas, didn’t result in accompanying other beings; I did not study psychology. But Life, as it always does, pushed me to that world in such a subtle way that I didn’t even realize until I was fully inside. I trained in Gestalt therapy with teachers who were direct disciples of Claudio Naranjo, trying not to stick to one way only, but looking all the time for different ways of accompanying.

Simultaneously, I trained in animal communication in the Entrespecies School with Marivi Simona. Training in both studies at the same time was a whole emotional and spiritual adventure which helped me deepen in aspects which were theoretically opposed but complemented each other perfectly.

I kept on training in akashic records with Lisa Barnett and in voice as a therapeutic tool with Chloe Goodchild and went to different workshops and retreats with well-known and respected therapists in the Gestalt and corporal therapy world.

Finally, when my work with the heart needed a little push and an important crack, I found Noraya Kalam in the pericardium release training. There I found the piece that was missing in my puzzle, not only in therapy but also in the emotional support and lovingness that I found there.

I found nourishment in all these relationships, as in all the relationships I have established in my life. It is what has helped me in my personal work, and it is also the main tool I use when working with other people. In order to support others in their darkest moments, one needs to have gone through marshy grounds and come out “unscathed” and transformed.

I firmly believe that every person, animal from other species, places, experiences, that appear in our life, bring some kind of learning to us, for whichever reason, as we do to them. And this can be applied to the therapeutic relationship too. During all this process I have found many people on my path that took advantage and were led by their ego, who with the process became even more sophisticated and sneaked through the cracks even more cunningly. But I have also found a lot of honesty, the wish to be of service, the desire to share oneself in our vulnerability and openness, to take the love where it is hard to take it, and to cooperate in order to increase the wellness of many individuals and the society and their surroundings at the same time. These people have inspired me and they still do to be a part of this path of faith and cooperation in order to create a reality that is more in accordance with our nature, which should not be anything else than a reflection of the nature around us from which we have moved away and used as a commodity.


Hello! My name is Eva Perez and in the following lines I will tell you a little about me, so that you can meet me if you feel it so.

I consider myself a human in a learning process. I like to read everything that falls into my hands, and with a rising sign in Sagittarius, I have spent half my life travelling around the world. I have been lucky, my work has given the chance to meet and live experiences in many different parts of the world and meet wonderful people who have helped me in that learning process.

Some years ago, with the arrival of my two cat angels (Cano and Tsuki) my life started to move in another direction and they guided me without me realizing to an inner and deep inner work that changed my life 360º.

In that inner journey I found out that the meaning of life that our society teaches us does not help us to create a life connected to our feelings. Most of the times we see ourselves dragged around by the requirements of this materialistic society, which tell us at each moment what is right and what is wrong, what we need and what we don’t… once we open our eyes, connect with our heart and listen to its message, we realize that many things that surround our life do not flow in the line of how we feel… It is at that precise moment that there is no turning back.

During these years I integrated in my life presence, meditation, yoga, visualizations, mantra reciting and listening. All these powerful tools have helped me and shown me my soul path. I have trained in different areas, all related to natural, energetic, and healing therapies:

Flower Essences Therapy, with them I have helped the animals and humans that I have encountered, with the hope of healing and help them put themselves in a loving place to understand their emotions regarding some particular event or simply to walk with them in their daily life, to facilitate their understanding and balance of their emotions

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) both for humans and for animals. It is a therapy that allows to correct and re-establish the energy flow as it stimulates determined points of the energetic meridians by tapping softly with our fingertips. We can deprogram limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted in our being, due to our life experiences or learnings coming from our family or close surrounding. This therapy has been with me for years and has helped me overcome many difficult moments throughout this period of change, and it has also been really effective for my cats in different moments of their lives.

MTC (Introduction to Chinese Traditional Medicine) I trained in this discipline to understand the body in a holistic way, learning that what happens in a part of our body probably has its beginning in a very different one, contrary to relationships western medicine establishes. Also, that emotions affect our organs and viscera provoking illness in many cases.

Feng Shui: It’s a Taoist and millenary discipline that helped harmonize my home and potentiate the areas of my life that I needed to unblock for the changes I wanted in my life to take place day by day. The energies that move in our home affect each one of our family members; to be aware of it is a great help to reach our goals. I got my certificate in Montserrat Beltran’s Escuela Internacional Feng Shui.

Animal Communication: This has definitely been the most beautiful and transforming experience of my life. I have always felt and unconditional and profound love towards animals. The chance of knowing and studying with two great communicators, Olga Porqueras and Marivi Simona has been an honour and I will always be deeply grateful to both. Communicating with animals telepathically opens us to the chance to heal each other and improve our bond by better understanding them.

Akashic Records level I y II: Another big experience in my life that has helped me undoubtedly to develop my feeling capacity and to understand more deeply our existence and the spiritual healing, that for me becomes physical healing of our body. It has also been a great help in Feng Shui studies for my clients.

Pericardium Release: it has been a turning point in my life. Meeting and training wth Noraya Kalam has been a profound and straight-to-the-heart experience. Receiving this therapy has been the perfect culmination of my work and connection with my Heart. It is perfect to work and live from the Heart and it is also necessary to release and take care of it, because at the same time as we release and take care of the Heart, we are taking care of our energy and our body’s good flow. Activating the Soul – Body connection.

This knowledge, the study and practice of these tools has helped me evolve as a person and change my world. All that happens to us has a reason in our live, we only need to discover what that is in order to turn it in our favour. It is certainly not an easy path, it requires courage, perseverance, and dedication. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and gratifying that to face our fear with courage and the certainty that once we have gone through them, the reward will be auto healing at all levels. Or at least, that has been my experience until now.



Hola Eva, Te escribo unas líneas para agradecerte profundamente el estudio de Feng Shui que hiciste de mi casa hace unos meses. Cuando hablamos tenía varios frentes abiertos y la verdad no sabia ni por donde empezar ni que cambios hacer. Hablar contigo sobre ello me trajo mucha claridad y los cambios que me propusiste hacer tanto en casa como en mis rutinas, me ayudaron a desbloquear varias situaciones que llevaba arrastrando años y que tras el estudio y tus explicaciones entendí dónde se encontraban los obstáculos que no estaban facilitando su evolución. Muchísimas gracias por tu tiempo, dedicación y profesionalidad. Espero que puedas seguir ayudando a otras personas con el mismo amor que lo has hecho conmigo. Un abrazo fuerte.

Feng Shui
Maria R.

Los testajes de esencias florales que hace Eva, me están acompañando hace unos meses. Son certeros y siento como ayudan a que mi proceso personal, avance con amor y alienación. Se lo agradezco muchísimo y lo recomiendo 100%.

Testaje Esencias Florales

La confianza que tengo en Eva me animó a probar la Liberación de Pericardio. No había oído hablar de ello, cuando ya había decidido probarlo. Es un paso más allá, en un trabajo de crecimiento, es confianza en el tratamiento y en ti. Es mágico y rompedor. Sientes cambios físicos de mayor de mayor apertura del pecho y también en otras partes del cuerpo. Yo sentía como una molestia nasal que llevaba toda la vida conmigo ¡desapareció en la primera sesión! Las siguientes me han aportado más claridad y confianza. ¡He repetido! Y seguramente siga repitiendo cuando la Vida me plantee nuevos retos. Le estoy agradecida y me alegra haberme animado a probarlo.

Liberación de Pericardio
Silvia P.

"La liberación de pericardio ha sido una experiencia muy positiva para mí d,urante la sesión tuve una sensación de volver a casa ya que mi cuerpo en general estaba muy constreñido y ya durante la sesión y sobre todo después, pude sentir mucha más conexión con mi cuerpo. En los días posteriores me di cuenta que podía apreciar con mucha claridad los movimientos sutiles dentro de mí, como si de alguna forma pudiera vivir situaciones a cámara lenta y encontrarme que en algunas situaciones o en el momento de gestionar ciertas emociones pudiera pararme el tiempo suficiente, esos dos o tres segundos que pueden marcar la diferencia entre seguir un sendero u otro y que en antes hacía sin la suficiente conciencia, muchas veces con el piloto automático. A veces pienso que el mundo va demasiado rápido y saber que puedo contar con la liberación no para que me guíe o me indique el camino sino para poder volver a contactar con mi corazón cuando me sienta bloqueado, me llena de gratitud"

Liberación de Pericardio

Gracias a la comunicación con nuestro perro León, hemos tomado conciencia de los aprendizajes que nos trae. Y cómo llevar una vida más amorosa y feliz entre todos los seres que convivimos en casa. Eternas gracias a Eva por la profesionalidad, amor en lo que haces y por abrirnos una puerta a un mundo mejor.

Comunicación Animal
Elena M.

A veces la larga convivencia en familia humana-perruna hace que nos pasen desapercebidos aspectos sutiles, pero de gran importancia. La comunicación interespecies y en particular la comunicadora Estela nos ha ayudado a extender puentes en momentos muy trascendentes. Nos ha acompañado y ayudado en la despedida de la pequeña Rossi y nos ayuda aún ahora en la etapa de la vejez del abuelete Roc. ¡Gracias por estar!

Comunicación Animal

A pesar de mi historia de vida (algo complicada) la Gestalt me ha ayudado a tener otra visión de ver la vida y de verme a mí mismo. Estela me ha ayudado, entre otras cosas a empoderarme, a conseguir un día a día más amoroso hacia mi autocuidado y gestión emocional. A nivel energético he sentido cambios de sensibilidad, contactar más con la emoción. Mi corazón tenía muchas corazas y poco a poco voy soltando mi parte más mental y de control y me dejo estar más en la emoción y en la sensibilidad.