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The practices we offer can sometimes (if there has been a deep trauma for example) awake emotions difficult to bear. If something like that happenes to you, stop the practice, place your hand on your chest and breath softly and little by little. If you want you can write to us and explain what happened so that we can assist and guide you.

Even if we cannot have a fluid conversation with one of our animal family members, they always communicate with us. Just remember how sometimes we know as if by magic that we need to add more wate, or that they need something. It suddenly comes to us, and we think, how funny! Actually, they are often the ones that have let us know. 

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by our daily life or particular situations that are too much for us. We resort to distractions such as screens, social networks, food, TV shows, etc.

In these situations nature can help us reconnect, let go of everything that burdens us and give us the silence we need in order to face the situations that we find challenging.